The Silver Linings Playlist

119 Halloween (2018)

October 10, 2021 Holy Propaganda Season 5 Episode 15
The Silver Linings Playlist
119 Halloween (2018)
Show Notes

We’re (finally) on the eve of Halloween Kills, so it seems only fitting that we take a look back at one of the greatest slashers films in recent memory with David Gordon Green’s Halloween from 2018. This movie oozes with style and slick direction, and it’s truly one of the best legesequels around. But there’s so, so much to talk about (as evidenced by the nearly 3 hour runtime of our episode), so as Hawkins tells Sartain in this film: buckle up. Halloween lover-not-expert JT Kelly returns as we have the important discussions like what brand of peanut butter Michael likes best, what’s going on with Gerard Way’s toenails, and our pitch for Halloween: Knives Out starring Daniel Craig and…Daniel Craig. It’s all waiting for you!

Halloween (2018) stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Will Patton, Virginia Gardner, Nick Castle, Miles Robbins, Toby Huss, and Jefferson Hall. Directed by David Gordon Green.

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