The Silver Linings Playlist

110 Mandy

August 08, 2021 Holy Propaganda Season 5 Episode 6
The Silver Linings Playlist
110 Mandy
Show Notes

With the recent release of Sir Nicolas Cage’s Pig, it’s time we reevaluate one of the more recent prestige Cage films with the wild ride that is 2018’s Mandy. One-half a psychedelic, slow burn horror film, one-half blood-soaked revenge thriller, this one’s a ton of fun. So take some recreational drugs or pop open that vodka bottle and dive down the rabbit hole with us as we debate which Nic Cage character would win in a battle royale, the most insulting movie ending of all time, the best musical score to write to, and a hell of a lot more with returning guest Michael Overby.

Mandy’s post-credit scene

Mandy stars Nicolas Cage, Andrea Riseborough, Linus Roache, Richard Brake and Bill Duke. Directed by Panos Cosmatos.

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